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Author: Cerasmus+ Team

The 6 training curricula for Initial and Continuing VET

Cerasmus+ faces the challenges of global competition, loss of skills, difficulties of getting into the market and lack of financial resources and economic capacity, relying on three pillars: Heritage, Innovation and Network.

The main output of Cerasmus+ consists of 6 training curricula, for initial and continuing VET, on the topics of:

Tradition and Innovation: aimed at improving the ceramic craft sector value chain with reference to production techniques which keep together tradition and innovation (i.e. 3D printing, Photoshop for industrial tiles lines);

Urban Environment: aimed at improving the valorisation of urban environment through ceramics craft with reference to methodologies for enhancing networking between VET and ceramic craft industry;

Business start-ups: aimed at improving the support for ceramics craft business start-ups with reference to the protection of the EU traditional heritage, and of the strengthening and modernization of the ceramic sector value.

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Cerasmus+ final meeting

21-22 November 2019 (Manises, Spain) – The final meeting of the Cerasmus+ project was held in Spain, hosted by EASCM (ceramic school of Manises), a hundred years old institution born to provide competences to the workers of the ceramic industry and evolved to a high school of fine arts.

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The project training course was held in Kecskemét (Hungary)

Cerasmus+ Project for Innovation in the Ceramic Sector

The project training course was held in Kecskemét (Hungary)

7-11 January 2019 (Kecskemét, Hungary) – The training course of the project was held in the facilities of the International Ceramic Studio (, a ceramic art centre created in Kecskemét on the initiative of Hungarian artists who had felt culturally and ideologically isolated. The mission of the studio is to promote the formal, aesthetic and technical development of ceramics and to help foster creative skills.

Co-funded by the European program Erasmus+, the Cerasmus+ project aims to protect the European traditional heritage, to modernize the ceramic sector and to develop vocational training in ceramic craft industry enhancing work based learning models.

During the training in Hungary, professional of the ceramic sector discussed the training needs on the topics of Tradition and Innovation; Urban environment and Business start ups.

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Presentation of the survey on the training needs in Valladolid

On November 24, l’Escola d’Art i Superior de Ceràmica de Manises presented the results of the survey of the European program Cerasmus + in Portillo, Valladolid, coinciding with the General Assembly of the AeCC (Spanish Association of Ceramic Cities) .
Local authorities, mayor and President of the Valladolid deputation were also present, as well as a large representation of the potters’ guild of the city.
Thanks to all those present for your collaboration and participation. Your contributions allow us to continue advancing in the project.

The second partnership meeting held in Bolesławiec (Poland) focused on the training needs in the ceramics sector

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On October 23 and 24, 2018 the second Cerasmus+ Partnership meeting was hosted in Bolesławiec (Poland) by the Polish Partner, Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących i Zawodowych, a state school which was funded 50 years ago and educates in different professions: tour guide, advertising specialist and ceramist, with a focus on merging tradition and innovation.

Co-funded by the European program Erasmus+, the Cerasmus+ project aims to protect the European traditional heritage, to modernize the ceramic sector and to develop vocational training in ceramic craft industry enhancing work based learning models. The project has duration of 2 years and will terminate in September, 2019.

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Training Needs in the Ceramic Sector – Transnational Report

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As project first step, the partners performed a preliminary field analysis to let ceramics key actors and stakeholders explore their needs for competences for assuring sector development through networking, protection of immaterial heritage, innovation.

The field analysis has been carried out by realizing a survey among ceramics key actors and stakeholders.

To do this, a questionnaire has been developed and administrated to about 50 ceramics craft key actors and project stakeholders’ representatives for every country involved in the project.

The structure of the questionnaire has been developed after specific preliminary contacts with relevant stakeholders in order to collect information about ceramics sector’s needs for competences.

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Second Partnership Meeting for the Cerasmus+ Project

After one year from the beginning of the project, the 8 Cerasmus+ partners are meeting again.

The second partnership meeting is being held in Poland, Boleslawiec, hosted by the Zespół Szkół, on the 23rd and 24th of October 2018.

The results of the first year of work will be presented, in particular the Transnational Report on the Training Needs in the Ceramics Sector. The partners will be also updated on the development of the Online Networking Platform, the tool that will foster dialogue and cooperation between the ceramics stakeholders in Europe.

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