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Project Overview


Ceramics is one of the most ancient man-made forms of art and handicraft. Nowadays the ceramic technical knowledge has gradually spread worldwide, moreover ceramic production found a major development in some areas of “ceramic identity”, creating districts and clusters of artists, craftsmen, associations, artistic schools and museums. Today national and international networks have been built and consolidated through cultural, productive and institutional collaborations, developing contacts and cooperation, organizing and promoting events such as festivals, markets, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and prices.

© Photo International Ceramics Studio 



This project aims to protect the EU traditional heritage and to modernize the ceramic sector through 3 main objectives:

  1. Creating a European network of ceramics stakeholders (VET providers, craft businesses, public authorities, cultural institutions, research centres) for analysing the sector needs for competences with reference to improvement of “value chain”, valorization of urban environment and business start-up.
  2. Combining ceramics tradition with innovative design and production techniques.
  3. Revising and innovating vocational education in the ceramics sector through work based learning models in order to strengthen the sector value at cultural, social and economic level.

© Photo Ceramics School of Manises



Field analysis to explore the needs for competences for assuring the sector development through networking, protection of immaterial heritage and innovation. The field analysis will be carried out by realizing interviews and questionnaires with ceramics key actors.

Design and implementation of an on-line virtual environment addressed to ceramics key actors and stakeholders to discuss the main issues emerged from the assessment stage and to open a permanent forum for assuring closer cooperation.

Planning and testing of specific curricula for initial and continuous vocational training, focused in work based learning, aimed at gaining transversal and professional competences for the improvement of sector “value chain”.

© Photo Forssan ammatti-instituutti