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The partnership of the project is composed of different representatives of key actors in the fields of Vocational Training policies, education and training, ceramics craft businesses, institutions and organisations which deal with Vocational Training, both initial and continuos, organisations developing projects and services for the ceramic sector stakeholders.


Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme is a association between eleven Italian Universities and Enterprises created in 1992 under a former Comett project. The main activity of TUCEP is the organization and management of training courses at national and European levels.


“European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Cities of Ceramics” groups together the Associations of Cities of Ceramics in Europe, to develop territorial and transnational cooperation in the field of Ceramic Art and craft, mainly to create social and economic cohesion, by developing projects and services for the ceramic sector stakeholders.

Kecskeméti Kortárs
Müvészeti Mühelyek

The International Ceramics Studio (ICS) is a ceramic art centre created in Kecskemét on the initiative of Hungarian artists who had felt culturally and ideologically isolated. The mission of the studio is to promote the formal, aesthetic and technical development of ceramics and to help foster creative skills.

Istituto Superiore
“V. Calò”

“V. Calò” institute has been established in September 2012 and includes the artistic high school of Grottaglie, artisitc high school of Taranto, Manduria, Martina Franca and the school funded in Taranto prison. Students are about 900.


Forssa vocational institute is located in Southern Finland. The guiding principle of Forssa Vocational Institute is to be be a multidisciplinary, developing education institution that meet the requirements of working life and supports each student´s vocational development in his or her chosen field. We play an active role in developing economic life.

Masarykova střední
škola Letovice

The School hosts students coming from all over the region of Jihomoravsky. MSSL is not a large entity, it counts approximately 270 students and it’s a small learning environment where students can be very well known and prepared for their professional career in companies in the area of art, desing and construction.

Zespół Szkół
i Zawodowych

A state school which was funded 50 years ago and educates in different professions: tour guide, advertising specialist and ceramist, with a focus on merging tradition and innovation.


The Ceramics School of Manises is a hundred years old institution born to provide competences to the workers of the ceramic industry and evolved to a high school of fine arts with more than 20 theachers with expertise in various ceramic fields.