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Training Needs in the Ceramic Sector – Transnational Report

Training Needs in the Ceramic Sector – Transnational Report

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As project first step, the partners performed a preliminary field analysis to let ceramics key actors and stakeholders explore their needs for competences for assuring sector development through networking, protection of immaterial heritage, innovation.

The field analysis has been carried out by realizing a survey among ceramics key actors and stakeholders.

To do this, a questionnaire has been developed and administrated to about 50 ceramics craft key actors and project stakeholders’ representatives for every country involved in the project.

The structure of the questionnaire has been developed after specific preliminary contacts with relevant stakeholders in order to collect information about ceramics sector’s needs for competences.

The questionnaire intended to determine the necessary skills for a ceramic professional and it has been structured into six blocks:

• General information defining the profile of the respondent.

• Professional skills, the abilities required to perform a position in the ceramic sector.

• Artistic and craft skills, related to the art, history and tradition of ceramics.

• Functional skills, defined as those that relate to specific professional functions.

• Transversal skills, those that relate to other different, transversal and multidisciplinary skills.

Management skills, the skills of those who exercise leadership or supervision roles. Each block has been structured including a group of skills in order to define a profile of the single skill to be valued by the intervieews.

On the basis of these data, starting from November 2018, the partnership will build a model including specific curricula and reference educational resources for initial and continuous VET, focused in work based learning, aimed at letting ceramics professionals gain transversal and professional competences for the improvement of sector “value chain”, of models and means for valorization of urban environment, and for supporting business start-up.

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Second Partnership Meeting for the Cerasmus+ Project

Second Partnership Meeting for the Cerasmus+ Project

After one year from the beginning of the project, the 8 Cerasmus+ partners are meeting again.

The second partnership meeting is being held in Poland, Boleslawiec, hosted by the Zespół Szkół, on the 23rd and 24th of October 2018.

The results of the first year of work will be presented, in particular the Transnational Report on the Training Needs in the Ceramics Sector. The partners will be also updated on the development of the Online Networking Platform, the tool that will foster dialogue and cooperation between the ceramics stakeholders in Europe.

Afterwards, the partners will discuss the future steps of the project: the educational models and resources to develop and the guidelines for the development of the ceramic sector.

The meeting will also include a study visit to the Polish Pottery Manufactory and the Museum of Ceramics of Bolesławiec.

More information will follow the meeting, and new ideas for the development of the ceramics sector.

Cerasmus+ Communication staff – AEuCC

Giuseppe Olmeti, Paola Casta, Elisa Emiliani


0039 320 4076432



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