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AEuCC groups together the Associations of Cities of Ceramics in Europe, based in Italy (AiCC), France (AfCC), Spain (AeCC), Romania (ArCC), Germany (AgCC), Poland (AplCC) and Czech Republic (AczCC), comprising at present 119 cities with an ancient ceramic tradition in Europe.


Founding members are Italy, France, Spain and Romania.

The mission of AEuCC is to develop territorial and transnational cooperation in the field of Ceramic Art and craft, mainly to create social and economic cohesion, by developing projects and services for the ceramic sector stakeholders.

AEuCC is open to new members, which need to be “associations of cities of ceramics” (at least three cities from the same country). In order to enlarge the EGTC, the cities willing to create a new association are granted “observer status” and are allowed to participate in the AEuCC works.

Our Team

Giuseppe Olmeti

Secretary and Project director

Born in 1960 in Faenza (Italy). After a Degree in Economics and Marketing, he has worked for 11 years in I.B.M. Europe, Sales and Marketing Account on Public Sector. Since 1997 he has been working at Comune di Faenza, covering several management roles: – Department Manager of Economic Promotion and Tourism – Director of tourism promotion public company (Terre di Faenza) – Coordinator of EU projects (Interreg: “SCA”, Culture “ARGINET”) – Coordinator of numerous key projects (entrepreneurial spin-off, Argillà Italia, Buongiorno Ceramica) – Secretary General of International Museum of Ceramics (MIC) – Director of Italian Association of Cities of Ceramics (AiCC) – Secretary and Project director of European Grouping Cities of Ceramics (AEuCC) He has worked as consultant for Italian government Agency (FORMEZ) in entrepreneurial, international (Albania) and touristic projects. Speaks fluently English and good Spanish.

Paola Casta

Communication Manager

Born in 1983 in Faenza (Italy). After a Degree and a substantial work experience in Economics and Management of Culture, she now works as Consultant in the fields of Project Management, Marketing, Digital Mktg and PR, Community Management for the Arts and Culture. She collaborates with AEuCC since its creation (2014). Specialties: – Arts & Culture / Non-profit (Cultural Economics; Economics of Co-operatives; Project Management; Organization and Communication of Events). – Media (Marketing & PR, Press Office; Social Media Analysis & Strategy; Web/Social copywriting; Community Management). – Film and Tv Industry (Assistant Director and Editing).

Elisa Emiliani

Born in 1986, graduated in Philosophy and specialized in Semiotics. She worked in the UK and did one year European Voluntary Service in Spain. She speaks fluently English and a basic Spanish. She works with the Erasmus+ program since 2015.

Contact us

  • Contact Person

    Giuseppe Olmeti

  • Phone

    +39 0546 691306

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  • Address

    Piazza Nenni

    48018, Faenza (RA)