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The International Ceramics Studio (ICS) is a ceramic art centre created in Kecskemét on the initiative of Hungarian artists who had felt culturally and ideologically isolated. The mission of the studio is to promote the formal, aesthetic and technical development of ceramics and to help foster creative skills.

It was the wish for freedom and the desire to work alongside international artists that led to the founding of the centre by János Probstner, who was its director until 2011.

The studio is open to all challenges of ceramic research, design and experiment. With this in mind the ICS offers modern facilities and kilns, ample studio space and technical support. Our facilities give artists an excellent opportunity to concentrate on their work in a creative and mutually supportive environment where new and imaginative ideas can be explored and realised.

The studio offers a residency program for artists who wish to work on their independently in the studios on their own projects. Parallel to this program we organise a thematic program which offers workshops, symposia, courses, talks and seminars. Between 1978 – 2011 the ICS was maintained by the local council of Bacs Kiskun County, which was famous for supporting culture.

In 2001 the ICS became a non-profit foundation. Following organisational changes in 2012 the International Ceramics Studio, together with the Forras Publishing House and the International Studio of Enamel Art, belongs to the Kecskemét Contemporary Art Studios, an organisation which is owned and supported by the city of Kecskemét and its director is dr. László Füzi.

Our Team

The value of working within a different culture, alongside other international students and experienced professional artists cannot be understated.

The International Ceramics Studio actively encourages participation by individual students and student groups.

The studio has an impressive range of facilities, including specialist equipment not usually available to students in normal educational establishments, providing them with increased opportunities and experiences.

The highly qualified staff and technicians are available to offer support and guidance. Students have exceptional 24 hour access to workshops and equipment, breaking down the barriers between education, life and art.

Alongside our specialist resident artist staff members, leading Hungarian artists and world-famous artists invited by the Studio also teach while making their own work.

Students are able to learn in a supportive and mutually creative way, experiencing philosophy, processes of thought and technical expertise of the masters.

There are acknowledged international artists on the staff at ICS available to assist and advise on a range of technical problems and discuss artistic and aesthethic issues in students work.

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    Steve Mattison

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    +36 20 223 7152

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    Kápolna u. 11.

    6000 Kecskemét