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    Cerasmus+ Team

    Partner: Finland

    Dates of implementation: 3-10-2019
    Place of implementation: Forssa Vocational Institute,FAI

    Topic chosen (e.g. Urban environment): Urban environment
    Target group chosen (e.g. IVET): I-VET

    Feedback from teachers:
    Teachers find it prominent to give students solid and strong training in basic
    professional studies so that students have common understanding about ceramics and
    it’s possibilities. All project training curricula themes (Tradition and innovation, Urban
    environment, Business start-ups) could be included and combined in the training by our
    current national qualification requirements.
    When basic competence is strong it opens path to C-VET and further innovative work in
    ceramic sector and fields related.
    Challenges for developing WBL -projects: shortened studying times, short periods
    reduce adopting time for skills to develop, create new resources and co-operating WBL

    Urban environment is chosen here for testing how it appears in ceramic training and
    how it shows in our environment. It is combined with unit “Design and manufacture of
    product, space or service”. It is one two compulsory units in national curricula for
    qualification of craft and design I-VET, Artisan. It is the largest, 45 points out of 145
    points of professional studies.

    Unit consists of main basic subjects needed in pottery working: materials, techniques,
    tools, object functions etc. Tradition, art & design, internal entrepreneurship pass along
    Urban environment gives training base to catch topical and relevant matter of
    sustainability and good living environment. Craft sector is essential sector for people´s

    Feedback from pupils: Participating students for feedback were second year students
    (I-VET) who had just finished their practical training period (8-10 weeks). Students
    represented wide age range and many different backgrounds. They share common high
    motivation for studies in ceramic craft section.
    Students brought out ideas how to get more visibility for ceramics in the city and
    environment. For example one is taking contact to city authorities and it’s departments
    which are responsible for city environment.
    Students raised up, for both I-VET and C-VET, supporting idea of active shop
    maintained by student co-operative (all departments). That get’s lot support. There
    students can sell their own products, get feedback and learn business from many

    Sustainability comes out strongly in students’ speaking turns as well. That is
    environmental and ethical question. They are aware of environment and circulation
    economy. “You have to know where materials and products come from and where they
    end up.” “As professional you have to know whole process and product life cycle.”
    “Know what you are doing”.

    Students create suggestion to reuse ceramic waste by co-operation with building
    construction materials, architecture, rural mosaic etc. Or study and utilize local, national
    materials in co-operation with material production industry and supliers. That may occur
    in environmental art and building the landscape as well.

    Comments and suggestions:

    Common comments and suggestions can be found inside the feedback. Three training
    curricula topics are important and give a subject on which we can mirror our national
    and local curricula.
    All agree that there must be time enough time to embrace solid, firm basic and same
    time versatile knowledge of ceramics. That helps to find one’s place in multiform
    working life typical to ceramic craft sector, since in E.g. Finland ceramic industry in
    minimum as an employer. This status also creates new ways to influence, pass
    tradition, innovate, network, start-up and – get employ yourself.

    Cerasmus+ Team
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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