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Masarykova střední škola Letovice – The Czech Republic

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    The School hosts students coming from all over the region of Jihomoravsky. MSSL is not a large entity, it counts approximately 270 students and it’s a small learning environment where students can be very well known and prepared for their professional career in companies in the area of art, desing and construction.

    The School is specialized in art and architecture, students participated with their teachers in crafts and design fairs and competitions, and in other projects that favor their education. They are a small school but they provide their students with the knowledge and information they will use in their professional lives. Our teachers have many years of experience in the field of student education. Teachers constantly update their pedagogical competences by attending professional education courses or by engaging in international or local projects. The students of our school can attend different study courses: civil engineering, carpentry, ceramics, masonry, electronics.

    Our Team

    The curriculum of the school is formulating in an untraditional way: teachers try to present new approaches to create ceramics. The new procedures aim to discover new media and wais of expression.

    We use various ceramic materials such as porcelain, stoneware, refractory clay, engobes, slip glazes, metal oxides, pigments. We also work with the baking process of ceramics, thus creating a wider space for artistic expression. Our students can also learn how to apply the skills they have acquired to create their own new concepts and innovations and implement them. The professional experience of our teachers is based on their relevant expertise in the art of ceramics.

    Teachers master several creation techniques, they can spin on the ceramic wheel as well as create models they need to make plastic molds. They manage the complex problems to create and use plastic molds, they can select the appropriate material for a specific application, and they adjust this material according to their needs.

    Our teachers know how they should make their own ceramic materials to meet their needs, the technological requirements and their desires. They use local materials and other materials available in the region. They are also able to maintain cooking in wood kilns and to use the unique derivative effects of this type of cooking.

    Moreover our teachers are able to deal with a variety of decorative techniques that are largely their own works. The school area is in a region where the ceramics have been produced since immemorial time, due to the abundant presence of several ceramic clays.

    Nowadays we combine raw ceramic materials (refractory clay, stoneware) with fine materials (porcelain, fine stoneware); the manufactured products are then decorated with self-made pigments; the cooking take place in a wood oven, which has also been built by ourselves.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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