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    Forssa vocational institute is located in Southern Finland. The guiding principle of Forssa Vocational Institute is to be be a multidisciplinary, developing education institution that meet the requirements of working life and supports each student´s vocational development in his or her chosen field. We play an active role in developing economic life.

    Forssa vocational institute is located in the city of Forssa. Forssa is located within a ca. 100 km radius from biggest cities like the capital Helsinki, Turku and Tampere.

    Our way of working both internally and with our clients and partners is based on our values: customer orientation, being an expert, and adjusting quickly to changes.

    Forssa vocational institute has approximately 1600 students and 153 staff. We provide wide range of vocational education, further qualifications and specialists qualifications in seven different fields. Vocational education is offered to young people, further and specialist qualifications are offered to adults. Studies are offered in the form of regular daytime studies, multiform learning or apprenticeship learning.

    Our fields of education are:

    • culture;
    • natural sciences;
    • tourism, catering and domestic services;
    • social services, health and sport;
    • humanities and education;
    • technology, communication and transport;
    • social sciences, business and administration;

    VET is an essential part of our education and we work constantly between economic life and education in southern Finland. We are well known for our quality work in Finland and we have received also many awards for our quality in education and VET.

    Our Team

    Miia Ojala

    International relations coordinator

    International relations coordinator Miia Ojala is responsible of all the practical arrangements and guidance of international study visits and VET. She organizes approximately 25 long term VET- periods abroad every year at Forssa Vocational Institute. She has studied education, international politics and international communication skills at the Tampere University. Her English is fluent and she speaks also German and Swedish. She has worked in guidance- sector from the year 2004. She teaches languages and culture awareness in Forssa Vocational Institute. Her special skills are managing relations, guidance and organizing of all kinds of activities.

    Outi Roos

    Teacher of Crafts and Design

    Outi Roos isspecialized in Ceramics. She has wide experience of doing international co-work with other schools and VET- institutes. She assists the students to find their training places abroad and has also completed one month job shadowing in Germany. She speaks fluent English and knows basics in German, French and Swedish.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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