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Czech Republic – Meeting of the Cerasmus+ National Team

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    On May 29th, a meeting of the national team of Cerasmus + took place at our school
    (Masarykova střední škola Letovice). The team is represented by professionals working across
    all professions that are in any way related to ceramics, from the creation on the pottery wheel,
    through schools, companies to sector councils and associations.

    The participants of the meeting were acquainted with the CERASMUS + project, what about the
    project is and how it is implemented. The meeting was also about familiarizing participants with
    ceramic sector support activities already in place in the Czech Republic, namely the Activity of
    the Sector Board for Glass, Ceramics and Mineral Processing " Ceramics lives“, Association of
    Ceramic Cities " A hundred jugs " and the Keramikum association, which can help map the
    problems of the Czech ceramic scene in this project and represent part of its spectrum. Topics
    such as the promotion of ceramic crafts, ways of interconnection between partners, ceramics as
    a cultural heritage, etc. were discussed. The meeting was very beneficial and opened many
    other problem areas that need to be addressed in the future.

    Another meeting of the national team will probably take place in May next year and we will try to
    develop the ideas that will come from our cooperation and which will help us resolve the revival
    of the ceramic sector not only in our country but also in our partner countries.

    Letovice, Czech Republic

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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